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Step4. Creating a Customer Journey Based on Customer Segments
Step4. Creating a Customer Journey Based on Customer Segments

Step4. Creating a Customer Journey Based on Customer Segments

Updated At:
Sep 25, 2023


In this series of articles, we will introduce the steps to create customer segments using ECPower and concrete actions for improving Lifetime Value (CLV). If you're new to ECPower or considering its use, feel free to refer to this.

In the previous article, we discussed the importance of deepening our understanding of loyal customers. In particular, we explained that by enhancing resolution based on needs, it becomes easier to envision marketing measures to increase loyal customers.

In this article, we would like to further elaborate on the steps to increase loyal customers using ECPower.

Please refer to this for more about ECPower, a customer segment tool for e-commerce marketers.

What is a Customer Journey?

A "Customer Journey" is typically an effective method for designing marketing strategies by mapping the process leading to the first purchase. However, since we are considering with the aim of increasing repeat customers and improving CLV, let's think in terms of "the process from the first purchase to becoming a loyal customer". This way, we can visualize concrete steps to nurture customers into loyal ones.

An Example of a Customer Journey

So, what kind of customer journey should we create? Let's explain using specific examples.

Imagine a local bakery from the anecdote in our previous article. Among loyal customers, there are those "who habitually buy a sandwich every morning" and those "who buy sweets for their family on Friday evenings on their way home".

This time, let's create a customer journey to nurture "customers who habitually buy a sandwich every morning". We have created it in this way.

While this is a simplified example, it is created in the following flow:

  • List the characteristics of the purchasing behavior that loyal customers have
  • Consider steps such as "high-engagement customers", "repeat customers"
  • Consider if there are multiple entry points for customer segments
  • Think of measures to fill the gap in each step

Furthermore, in the previous article, we explained that even the same loyal customer could have multiple patterns according to their needs. Even in this bakery, the customer journey to nurture "customers who buy sweets for their family on Friday evenings on their way home" should be different.

Creating one for each need would be ideal.

Please refer to this diagram and think about the steps of the customer journey in your own store. Who should you target, what purpose should you have, and what measures should you take? By considering these, you should be able to neatly organize your strategies.

Managing Each Step of the Customer Journey with ECPower

With ECPower, you can manage each step of the customer journey as "conditional customer segments."

For instance, in this demo store, we've created a customer journey broken down into such steps to nurture a loyal customer segment called "Rum Baba Fans."

For each segment created, we can consider strategies like the following:

  • For customers who have never purchased "Rum Baba," carry out regular communication and promotions that convey the charm of "Rum Baba."
  • For customers who have made their first purchase of "Rum Baba," distribute coupons to encourage a second purchase.
  • For customers who have purchased "Rum Baba" twice or more, provide content that shares delicious ways to enjoy it, recommends types of black tea, or tells development stories.
  • For customers who have purchased "Rum Baba" three times or more, offer presales of new products similar to "Rum Baba" or provide discounts on gift purchases.

In this way, by breaking down the customer journey into customer segments, you can implement marketing with the appropriate content for the right customers to nurture loyal customers.


How did you find it? The customer journey might significantly vary depending on the store, but by accurately breaking it down into conditions, you can manage steps on ECPower.

In the next article, we'll elaborate further on this customer journey and explain how to carry out marketing communications at the "appropriate timing."

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