In this article, we will explain an example of creating customer segments for ECPower with the goal of 'cross-selling proposals', and ideas for marketing strategies.

Cross-selling is a strategy that improves the average purchase price and contributes to improving CLV (Lifetime Value).

Customer Segment that has made a bundled purchase of specific products

This is a customer segment who has purchased all the specified products in one order.

Let's create customer segments focused on some best-selling products and check which products are most often bundled together.

Customer Segment that has purchased two specific products

The "Customers who have purchased two specific products" is regardless of whether it is in one order, it refers to customers who have had purchase experiences for both. Be careful as it looks similar, but the meaning is different.

Example of Marketing Outreaches:

  • Distribute coupons targeting bundled purchases
  • Appeal to benefits from using them in combination

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