While the fundamental aim should be to improve long-term Lifetime Value through marketing initiatives, there may be times when you would want to prioritize short-term sales.

In this article, I will explain examples of customer segmentation by ECPower for times when "you want to boost sales in the short term," and ideas for marketing initiatives.

Customers Who Prefer Coupons

These are customers who have made two or more orders using coupons in the past. They are likely to respond positively to campaigns that distribute coupons.

Examples of marketing outreaches:

  • Distribute coupons with a short validity period that offer good deals

Customers Who Have Made Purchases Through Email Campaigns

These are customers who have made orders where the traffic source or UTM media was email.

These customers are likely to convert when you run an email campaign.

Examples of marketing outreaches:

  • Announce a limited-time campaign through email distribution

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