At ECPower, we offer a 'Template' feature to assist in creating customer segments.

If you're struggling to come up with ideas for what customer segments to create, let's begin with this feature.

Customer Segment Templates

You can check the list of templates by going to 'Dynamic Segments Overview' > 'Explore' > 'Explore byTemplate'.

The template list page looks like this. You can check what the condition settings are by clicking on 'Check'.

When you click 'Create', you will be taken to the new condition-based customer segment creation screen, while maintaining the template's setting conditions.

Furthermore, by clicking on 'Browse Template' from the bottom left of the create new page, you can call up the template list and apply it directly.

Ideas for Customer Segments and Marketing Outreaches

We have created articles based on the purpose, including the ones posted in ECPower as templates, about examples of creating customer segments and ideas for outreaches. Please refer to these as well.

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