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Build Customer Segments

Effortlessly, no coding required.

You're not limited to basic criteria such as customer tags or locations. In fact, you can tailor your customer segments based on behavior patterns using order data, all without touching a single line of code. Simply combine AND/OR conditions to construct segments as you desire.

In doing so, you'll gain insights into "the motives behind their purchases, what they seek, and their buying patterns", allowing you to form highly refined customer segments.

Easily, from a wealth of templates.

Even if you're uncertain about how to start, don't fret. We've compiled a vast array of "templates" based on user use-cases, enabling you to create practical segments with ease.

Moreover, from the moment you begin using ECPower, "segments of customers who have made specific orders" on your eCommerce platform will be automatically prepared, with all product patterns, product tags, order tags, etc. By comparing customer numbers and metrics, you can brainstorm the most effective segmentation strategy.

Monitoring KPIs of Customer Segments

Access up-to-date KPIs with a single click.

Say goodbye to laborious Excel calculations. With just a single click, you can view vital KPI metrics like "purchase price", "purchase frequency", and "re-purchase interval", all of which are instrumental for enhancing the Lifetime Value of customers. Analyze the data of different segments to comprehend the varying purchase trends across customer groups. Each segment's detail screen allows you to review the outcomes of actions aimed at boosting CLV by monitoring metric trends.

Evaluating KPIs by Customer Segments

Identify the bottlenecks for nurturing repeats.

Recognize the challenges impeding repeat customer engagement. Break down the metrics of each customer segment by factors like the months since their first purchase or the number of purchases made, to delve deeper into buying trends. Moreover, by evaluating the Lifetime Value (CLV) by cohort, you can manage and analyze the transition of CLV over a given time frame.

Track Revenue per Customer Segment

Measure the Conversion Rate (CVR) of marketing efforts.

For each customer segment, you can monitor order data over a specified period. Stay updated with revenue and CVR resulting from marketing campaigns in real-time, and track the progress of the segments you're targeting throughout the month. It can also serve as an A/B testing tool, allowing you to compare the impact of identical strategies across different segments, or assess the effects of different tactics on the same segment.


Collaborate with Email, SMS, LINE, Chat, Social Media Promotion Platforms

Align your customer segments with ECPower. Seamlessly collaborate with an array of marketing tools. With Shopify APP, you can instantly connect with 'customer tags'.

Shopify Customer Segmentation Tool | ECPower

We are now preparing to publish our app on Shopify App Store.
If you are interested in, please apply Early Access Campaign for free.


Can I use ECPower with my current eCommerce platform?

Currently, ECPower is specially built for "Shopify". But we're exploring the possibility of supporting other leading eCommerce platforms depending on demand. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

What will be the cost and effort required for implementation?

Like any other standard Shopify app, ECPower is a breeze to set up. You can start using it in just a day. There are no hidden costs for implementation or integration with other systems. The service is billed monthly. Please reach out for more details.

Will ECPower slow down my Shopify site?

Absolutely not! All ECPower operations happen on background, so they won't affect your site's speed.

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