Boost CLV through Segment-driven Strategy

ECPower is a Shopify customer segmentation tool aimed at CLV enhancement. Simplify tasks by replacing hours of Excel work with a single click.

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Key Features

Harness the power of customer segments without any coding,
monitor and evaluate KPI across segments, track revenue one segment at a time.

Easily, from a wealth of templates.

Even if you're uncertain about how to start, don't fret.Begin with a variety of "templates" including RFM segments.

Intuitively, no coding required.

Tailor your customer segments based on behavior patterns using order data. Simply combine AND/OR conditions to construct segments as you desire.

Assign Shopify Tag to sync segments with any tools.

You can instantly connect with Shopify App,  using Shopify customer tag. Personalize your customer outreach with segmentation.

Identify the bottlenecks for nurturing repeats.

Break CLV down to metrics such as Repeat %, AOV, Purchase cycle. Analyze metrics per segment, in a cohort table.

Evaluate campaign results, on segment-basis.

Track revenue and conversion of marketing campaign per segment. Find your profitable segment, or optimize marketing outreach by segment.

Why segmentation

Segmentation is The Perfect Customer Snapshot for E-commerce Marketers

In the e-commerce landscape, where you don't have face-to-face interactions with customers, it's overwhelming to inspect every single customer's data daily.
Customer Segments provide the perfect snapshot of your customers for e-commerce marketers. Let's elevate your marketing communications, one segment at a time.

Why ECPower: Save time

ECPower: Segment Creation, KPI Management, and Evaluation Made Easy

Forget about coding and easily create customer segments using our diverse templates. Bid farewell to the complexity of data extraction, visualization and analysis. One click lets you stay updated with your segments' latest KPIs and identify gaps in customer retention efforts.

Why ECPower: hi-res Segmentation

Create Segments That Reflect Your Customers' True Faces

ECPower enables you to create "behavior-based customer segments using order data," something not achievable with regular MA/CRM tools. Grasp your customers' intentions, desires, and buying patterns. ECPower's segmentation offers a high-resolution snapshot of your customer.

Why ECPower: empowering MA/CRM tools

Take Your Marketing Efforts to the Next Level with ECPower

Align your customer segments with ECPower. ECPower seamlessly collaborate with an array of marketing tools.  Track the results of your efforts on ECPower and continually improve your strategies for boosting customer value.

Shopify Customer Segmentation Tool | ECPower

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Collaborate with Email, SMS, LINE, Chat, Social Media Promotion Platforms

Align your customer segments with ECPower. Seamlessly collaborate with an array of marketing tools. With Shopify APP, you can instantly connect with 'customer tags'.


About Our Pricing

Our Pricing Policy is: Pay For “the Power of Segmentation”. All features are available in Free Plan. But when you are aware of the power of segmentation, we are happy to see you in Paid Plan.

Free Plan
All Features
Max. 5 of "Segment" Creation
Max. 5 of "Tracking" Creation
Paid Plan
$80/m -
All Features
Unlimited "Segment" Creation
Unlimited "Tracking" Creation

Paid Plan Details

Pricing in Paid Plan is based on “Active Customer Size within 12 Months.” You don’t need to pay for past churned customers. We aspire to be your best partner in enhancing your active repeat customers.

*Active Customer Size : Number of customers who placed order within last 12 months

Active Customer Size
Active Customer Size
Active Customer Size
20,001 - 100,000
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Active Customer Size
Multiple Stores


Voice of Customers

Testimonials Image

ECPower Has Supercharged Our Customer Management Cycle

Food eCommerce

Our game-changing tool, ECPower, allows us to create unique customer groups based on order information and shopping habits. This means we can effectively track and analyze the lifetime value of our customers, based on what they buy and why they buy it. What's more, we can monitor the success of our marketing strategies, which helps us fine-tune and boost our efforts. ECPower enables us to refine and improve our strategies in a more streamlined PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.

Our Customer Relationship and Marketing Efforts Have Never Been Quicker or More Effective.

Cosmetics eCommerce

Before ECPower, running promotions meant hours of manual work gathering order data and creating customer lists. Now, with ECPower, we can effortlessly create customer groups, run promotions, and measure their success. The burden of data collection has been lifted, freeing up our time. And, with the added feature of visualizing results, we can now speed up our PDCA cycle more than ever.

Customized Marketing Has Boosted Our Customer Engagement and Doubled Our Conversion Rates.

Gift eCommerce

In the past, we had to keep our mass email content generic and inoffensive, which didn't spark much interest from our customers. Now, with ECPower, we can form customer groups that allow us to better engage our clients and increase repeat business. Even better, we can tailor our content using customer profiles, making it fun to brainstorm new strategies.


Is this app free?

Yes. But there's a limit on the number of segments you can retain in Free plan.

If I'm using Klaviyo, do I need this tool?

Absolutely. Our tool offers more advanced segmentation features than Klaviyo. Pairing our product with email tools like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, or Shopify Email will enhance your personalized marketing strategies.

Is this an email marketing tool?

No, we focus on customer segmentation. However, the segments you create can be used in other Shopify Apps for email marketing purposes.

Is this a Business Intelligence (BI) tool?

Yes it has some BI elements, but our main focus is customer segmentation. Think of it more as a specialized CRM tool rather than a broad analytical tool like Tableau.

Is this a CRM tool?

Yes it has CRM features, but we've tailored it on customer segment layer. We believe this helps marketers gain a clearer understanding of their customer base.

Can I use ECPower with my current eCommerce platform?

Currently, ECPower is specially built for "Shopify". But we're exploring the possibility of supporting other leading eCommerce platforms depending on demand. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Will ECPower slow down my Shopify site?

Absolutely not! All ECPower operations happen on background, so they won't affect your site's speed.

ECPower FAQs Image

Shopify Customer Segmentation Tool | ECPower

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