Overview - Revenue Tracking

Revenue Tracking
Last Update:
Feb 11, 2024

Note: This feature is deprecated. Revenue from segments are automatically tracked and you can find it in the segment detail page / orders tab.

What is revenue tracking?

  • The Revenue tracking feature is used to aggregate and measure how many purchases and sales are made over a certain period from customers belonging to a customer segment.
  • You create a measurement by specifying a 'customer segment' and a 'measurement start to end date'.
  • For example, it can be used to measure revenue and conversions from email marketing for a segment.

Data Definition

Metric Definition
Customers The latest number of customer in the customer segment targeted for tracking
Revenue Revenue from purchases of the target customer segment during the measurement period
Total Order Count The number of purchases from the target customer segments during the measurement period
Purchase Rate Purchase ratio during the measurement period (number of purchases / number of customers)



  • By clicking on 'Customers,' 'Revenue' 'Order count,' 'Purchase Rate' in the title row of the list table, you can sort in ascending or descending order.


  • You can search for trackings using partial matching.

Download CSV

  • You can download the data displayed on the list in CSV format.

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