🏷️Major Update for 'Dynamic' and 'Static' Types in Customer Segments

Dec 12, 2023


  1. From now on, all features can be used with the "Dynamic Segment"!
  2. The "Static Segment" is planned to be phased out in the future 👷
  3. If you find this confusing or have any questions, we're here to help! Talk to us from In-app chat👂

1. Summary of Specification Changes

  • As detailed below, the customer segments targeted by the functionalities is changed. From now on, all features will be accessible via the Dynamic Segment.

  • As follows, we will be changing the names. The Static Segment is planned to be phased out gradually.
  • “Dynamic segments” → “Customer Segments”

2. "Shopify Customer Tag Integration" Update

The "Shopify Customer Tag Integration" feature will change from targeting the Static Segments to targeting the Dynamic Segments.

2-1. New Shopify Customer Tag Assignment / Removal Flow

On the customer segment list screen, select 'Assign Customer Tag' from the menu on the right.

When you specify a customer tag name and click 'Assign', Shopify customer tags will be assigned to customers currently belonging to the segment.

You can check the tags assigned to customer segments, including the tag name, number of targeted customers, and the status of the assignment, in the [Customer Tag History].

You can select and remove customer tags. (Click the icon on the right side.)

2-2 Future Update Plans

  • Based on this update, we are planning to implement the automatic assignment and removal of tags for customer segments in the future💪.
  • This feature envisions automatically assigning tags when a customer joins a segment and automatically removing them when the customer leaves the segment.

3. "Revenue Tracking" Update

The "Revenue tracking" function will change from measuring the revenue and order count over a certain period from the Static segments to measuring those from the Dynamic segments.

3-1 Change

  • The maximum period will change from two months to one year.
  • When creating, a name will be set automatically. If you want to change it, you can do so from the update option in the right-side menu of each revenue tracking.
  • It will no longer be possible to set "past periods" before today as the measurement period. From now on, please ensure that the tracking is set in advance.
  • It will no longer be possible to view a list of customers who placed orders in the detail view.

3-2 Future Updates Plan

  • It will become possible to filter and display by target segment and period, and to compare multiple tracking results.

4. About the Gradual Phasing Out of Static Segments

After the update, "Dynamic Segments" will simply be referred to as "Customer Segments".

Following this update, the Static Segments will be removed from the side menu, and access will be available as shown below.

Future Update Plans

  • All the functionalities that were previously available for the Static Segments will be updated to be usable with the Dynamic Segments.

Current Features Available Only in Static Segments: Future Development Plan
Create segments from CSV uploads create Dynamic segments from CSV uploads
Functionality for operations between Lists Operations between Dynamic segments using AND/OR/EXCEPT logic

  • Once these feature updates are released, we plan to discontinue the Static Segments.
  • Going forward, we kindly ask you to primarily use the "Dynamic Segments" in ECPower🙇‍♂️