✨The Metric History is Now Available for All Segments.

Dec 18, 2023

From now on, you can always look back at the metric trends of customer segments!

Previously, metric data was only saved for segments where 'Metric History: ON' was selected.

Now all customer segment metrics will be automatically saved.

Additionally, the format of the data has been changed from monthly to daily.

From the Product Team
Background: Previously, ECPower offered a feature that allowed users to manually toggle the tracking of metric history ON or OFF. This was in response to feedback highlighting the inability to monitor changes in customer segment numbers and Lifetime Value improvements. Recent Developments: After our official release in November, we noticed a significant number of users engaging with the 'Metric History ON' button. This observation led us to understand the high demand and need for this feature. Consequently, we've decided to implement this as a standard feature. Looking Ahead: Building on this update, we are excited to announce upcoming enhancements. Soon, you'll be able to easily identify trends like 'Which customer segment experienced the most growth over the past week?' or 'Which segment showed the most improvement in Lifetime Value?'. Stay tuned for these insightful additions!