📎Shortcut to Each Function from Customer Segments

Dec 19, 2023

We have now made a seamless experience from customer segments to each feature.

You can use the menu on the right side to take a short cut to the filtered view of 'Features,' and 'Cohorts’, as well as to the setting of 'Revenue Tracking,'.

Additionally, when you filter segments in 'Features' and 'Cohorts,' the URL is now be fixed.

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🤝 From the Product Team
While the data displayed in 'Features' and 'Cohorts' can be used as statistics for the entire store, we believe that it becomes meaningful when filtered by 'Customer Segments.' Moreover, we want ECPower to be known not just as a service where various analysis data can be viewed, but as a service for creating and managing customer segments. This update was made with this intention in mind.