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Jan 7, 2024


ECPower is a tool designed to create and manage "customer segments".

With ECPower, you can monitor metrics and sales for each customer segment, as well as analyze segment features.

Enhance your marketing strategies by integrating these segments with other tools through Shopify customer tags, starting with a segment-driven approach!

Let's Start by Creating a Customer Segment!

Easily Create Customer Segments from Templates

First, let's try creating a customer segment. You can easily create segments from a selection of over 50 purpose-specific templates.

FAQ: What Kind of Customer Segments Do ECPower Users Manage?

Here are some examples of commonly used segments by our users:

Segments from first-time to loyal customers

Segments based on the product purchased for the first time

Segments of customers who came through a specific campaign, further divided by the product purchased for the 2nd time

FAQ: Are the Customers and Metrics in a Segment Automatically Updated?

The customers and metrics in a segment are automatically updated daily according to the set criteria.

Currently, data synchronization with Shopify is scheduled around 3pm UTC.

Monitoring Customer Segments

Metrics: Monitor Key Indicators Essential for Improving CLV

For each customer segment, you can track the daily trends of current metrics such as Lifetime Value (CLV), average order value, average purchase count, and the purchase intervals.

Customer Journey: Visualize the Movement of Customers Between Segments

[This feature is currently under active development! Stay tuned for further updates!]

ECPower will enable the visualization of customer movements across multiple segments. For example, you can map out the customer journey leading to becoming a loyal customer.

Revenue Tracking: Measure Sales from Your Created Segments**

Monitor the monthly sales from your targeted segments and the results of individual marketing efforts.

Features: Understand the Features of Your Customer Segments

You can quickly answer questions like "What are the most frequently purchased products?" "What are the most common sources of traffic?" or "What are the popular products for first-time purchases?"

Usage Tip: Understand what products are being purchased by "loyal customers" in that segment, to divide them into multiple loyal customer segments based on their needs!

Integration of Customer Segments: Assign Shopify Tag

You can assign Shopify customer tags to the members of a segment directly from ECPower.

Integrate ECPower's customer segments with Shopify and other tools to enhance your marketing strategies starting from a segment-focused approach!

Let's Get Started!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime through the chat within the App💪

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