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[Start Here] ECPower Tutorial
[Start Here] ECPower Tutorial

[Start Here] ECPower Tutorial

Updated At:
Sep 20, 2023


Welcome to ECPower!

In this blog, we post various articles for users who have just started using ECPower.

This article is a summary article to organize the content.

Articles to Read First

This series of articles explains how to use ECPower to improve CLV (Lifetime Value), in sequence.

Please start by reading from here as a tutorial!

Step1. Understanding the Current CLV of Your Store

Step2. Identifying the Bottlenecks in Improving CLV

Step3. Understanding Your Store's Loyal Customers [Part 1]

Step3. Understanding Your Store's Loyal Customers [Part 2]

Step4. Creating a Customer Journey Based on Customer Segments

Step5. Incorporating the RFM Model to Concretize Marketing Measures

Step6. Linking ECPower's Customer Segments with Marketing Tools

Step7. Monitoring the Results of Marketing Measures

Step8. Brushing Up Marketing Measures by Comparing Measurement Results

If You're Unsure About How to Create Customer Segments...

This article explains how to create customer segments.

If you're unsure about what kind of segments to create, please do read this!

ECPower Inc.

ECPower Inc., which develops and provides the customer segment & journey management tool 'ECPower,' has edited and supervised this article. We deliver content based on the experience of operating ECPower and supporting CLV growth and repeat nurturing for ecommerce businesses.